Saturday, March 13, 2010

So Much has Happened!

So I realize it's been way to long since I've added a new post.  So much has happened in the last 2 weeks in my adoption world.

1) I have opened the age I am willing to accept from 0-2 years to 0-4 years.  This brings about a grand slew of feelings.  I'm excited about the possibilities of what this opens for me.  It means that the process should be quicker.  I'm not sure by how much, but quicker than I thought at first.  This could mean fewer diapers in my life, no formula.  Walking and talking when I meet my child.  It also means that they are old enough to realize in more tangible ways what is going on.  They will have memories of Ethiopia and I will need to make sure that those memories remain for the rest of their lives.  They will also have known their name for years.  So while my plan was to keep their Ethiopian name for their middle name, I since have thought that more than likely I will keep their Ethiopian name and give them a family name for  a middle name.  (when I say them, that would really mean him/her I just get tired of typing that).  There are a whole slew of other things going through my brain in regards to the age change but they are harder to put into words.

2) If you're involved in the Ethiopian world of adoption you already know about the two trips.  One at court and then one a couple of months later to bring home my child.  Which is more money and meeting then saying good-bye.  I know that it will be hard on me to meet my son or daughter,  spend time with them and then have to leave them half way across the world.  But my social worker brain thinks what will this do to them.  Will they begin to trust even at the smallest level that I'm going to be there and then I leave them for 2 months with very little communication.  Will they believe that I am coming back for them.  Will it honestly even matter to them in the world that they live in? These are just a few thoughts running through my brain regarding this 2 trip thing. 

And Third on a happy note, my dossier is turned into my agency and approved.  As of Friday, I am officially on the waiting list.  So begins the wait for that phone call and email. 


Karen said...

hey mel, for the 2 recent ethiopian adoptions we've had in our church family, they did not have to be there for the court date. they just heard they passed court, then went a month or two later to pick up the kids. so maybe it's not necessary, and then you wouldn't have to worry about that part. just a thought!
miss you and love you!

Julie Tiemann said...

Very cool!! Wow, I can only imagine what a change in thinking/feeling a decision like that would bring about. Very cool though. It will be so neat if you do have one a little older because you'll have a little buddy right away! And, hey, fewer diapers can't be a bad thing, right? :)