Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas is here!

Last night as I was laying with Gizatu for him to fall asleep he kept asking about Santa.  Trying to explain to an almost three year old whose been home from Ethiopia for 4 months about Santa coming while he is sleeping is not the easiest thing.  He doesn't get it.  He still doesn't quite understand still.  He woke up this morning at 7:00 am (that might be the last time til he's a teenager that he sleeps that late on Christmas day).  We waited for Grammy and Peepaw to get dressed then headed downstairs to see what Santa brought!

This is the Santa stash before Gizatu came down. 
Gizatu playing with his truck.  The only thing he actually asked Santa for. 
Santa always leaves an apple and orange in stockings at our house.  He loved the orange.  Guess I'll be buying more of those in the future. 

We actually woke up to a white Christmas.  First Christmas in Alabama and it snows.  Who would have thought it, but it was wonderful. 

It has been an amazing Christmas this year.  Having a son has changed everything!  He's the best present ever.  Being a mommy has blessed my life like nothing else and showed me love like nothing else. 
Love this little man!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas, it's a coming!

So Gizatu is currently sound asleep and I actually am still awake so I thought I'd bless you with a quick blog :)

 The tree before all the branches were "fluffed".  I originally was going to skip the tree this year, but got a really good deal on a prelit tree the friday after thanksgiving.  I know how could I skip on a tree, well I wanted a real one, but I also didn't want to keep my cats from crawling up a real one.  And being a parent is expensive.  And it was one cost I just couldn't hack right now...but then this tree with lights already on it (not a fan of putting lights on a tree) was just too good of a deal.  Gizatu wasn't too sure about this whole thing.  But I did get him to put a new ornament on the tree. 

"We" then hung the lights on the holly tree out front. Okay I really hung them and then set up G to do a photo op.  He looks so cute though!

 So my grandmother asked me if it would be alright to get a African American Santa for Gizatu.  I said rock on!  Now he sits proudly atop our tree!
Love Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's December!

How is it possible that it is already December?  It seems rather crazy to me.  This December is so different than last.  Last December I was waiting in anticipation for a son or daughter.  For this little person who would so change my life and now, he's here.  And he's amazing.  I adore him.  He makes me laugh everyday. 

We had our first Thanksgiving together.  He played and played with my family.  There were a total of 17 people in my parents house.  It was wonderful.  And he ate and ate.  This boy loves turkey.

He loves his cousin, Andrew.  He would follow him everywhere.

On Saturday, we went and visited his ET friends who live a little way away from my parents.  He was so excited.  He loves G and D.  It did take them a little while to warm up to each other, but once they did there was no stopping them.  They took a ride on the go cart.  Even though he looks not exactly excited.  He was PUMPED! He loves cars and anything that looks like one.

 D and G and Gizatu lived in the same village when they were in Ethiopia and their birth mothers knew each other so we (D & G's parents, as well as me) think it is very important to keep them connected to each other.

 They had a blast. 
 They have this hill where they ride riding toys down.  Gizatu wanted to do it so bad.  Mom on the other hand was a little apprehensive.  But he did and had a blast. Of course he ran into a rock and flipped but he was okay.
 On this past Thursday I took a little spill on the concrete outside Gizatu's daycare and ended up with multiple band-aids on my face.  Gizatu wanted to show me some sympathy (actually he just loves to put band-aids on.)
One final picture chilling on the floor watching his favorite, Mecinas (or C@rs).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

botanical gardens

I am very lucky to have an amazing friend in my life who is also quite handy with a camera.  We've known each since the 2nd grade.  Went to middle school, high school and college together.  She's one of those friends who you call when times are awful and who you call when times are amazing.  So last Friday we headed to the Botanical Gardens and she took a few pictures.  I personally think they are amazing!  She is also an amazing poet, and writer.  One of the most crafty people I know.  She's been through some really hard times recently and yet she's still one of the strongest people I know (although she would probably deny that).  Hope you all enjoy the pictures.  I know I do!

p.s. daphne all the photos are for you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random things

So I decided I should do a post before its been a whole month since the last.  This past month has been full of many new and different things.

Gizatu got his first haircut since he's been home with me.  He did great.  Sat in my lap and let Ms. Kristi cut away.  Mommy of course had hair everywhere.  Here's some pictures to show how he did.

I have also started back to work.  Thankfully I am only working 3 days a week until the end of the year, so G is only in daycare those three days.  The week before I went back to work, we went almost everyday to his daycare so that he could meet his teacher and get to know some of the kids.  I left him for 3 hours one day.  It was hard, I'll admit.  I cried as I walked out the door.  I didn't know that it would be that hard, but he did really well.  Then the next day he spent 8 hours.  He didn't want me to leave, but didn't throw a fit or anything.  He was excited to see me when I picked him up.  I missed him throughout the day, and thought of him often, but really didn't worry about him.  My nephew goes to the same daycare so I knew there was someone there G knew well.

I also had a birthday.  My first birthday as a mother.  My brother got a card for G to give me for my birthday.  It was so sweet.  It sang to me.  Of course my brother says that when they were choosing a card the based it on the cry factor.  This one made me tear up.  Being a mom is the best thing ever, it is also the hardest thing ever.  I adore him.

So the following pictures are just silly.  G had put stickers all over my face and then started making funny faces at the camera, so I though I'd share.

G and the animals are doing really well.  This picture is the first time my cat, Tallie, has come within 10 feet of G though.  He was so excited that she was laying on him.  Then he sneezed and she jumped right off.  He thought it was hilarious. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

McWane Center

Today we headed to the McWane center with our friends Emma, and Owen and their mother Kristen.  We had a great time.  He kept asking Emma? Emma?  We got there a little early so we had to wait for Emma to get there. (I know early, how in the world did that happen?) This is our second time at the McWane Center.  Both times we've been there have been multiple schools there on field trips. Seriously, is Thursday field trip day at the museum? There were big kids everywhere.  So we headed to the kiddie zone and at first we were the only ones there.  It is supposed to be for kindergartners and younger.  A few kids tried to come in, but I told them they were too old.  Mother bear here she comes.  But then the big kids started to come in, seriously.  I was not a happy camper.  The thing that frustrated me the most was that they had their parents with them. REALLY.  Can you guys not read the sign?
 Riding the seat up and down with a pully system, of course mommy has to pull him up and he is sitting on the Harder pullies.

 Digging for dinosaurs!

 Mommy and Gizatu made faces.

 Trying to build steps.
Chilling in the blocks. 

 But of course one of his favorite things was playing with the blocks.

We headed to pet the sharks and sting rays.  G loved looking at them, but did not want to put his hands in the water to touch them.  He was amazed at the fishes that were behind the glass though.

We had a blast with our friends!