Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas, it's a coming!

So Gizatu is currently sound asleep and I actually am still awake so I thought I'd bless you with a quick blog :)

 The tree before all the branches were "fluffed".  I originally was going to skip the tree this year, but got a really good deal on a prelit tree the friday after thanksgiving.  I know how could I skip on a tree, well I wanted a real one, but I also didn't want to keep my cats from crawling up a real one.  And being a parent is expensive.  And it was one cost I just couldn't hack right now...but then this tree with lights already on it (not a fan of putting lights on a tree) was just too good of a deal.  Gizatu wasn't too sure about this whole thing.  But I did get him to put a new ornament on the tree. 

"We" then hung the lights on the holly tree out front. Okay I really hung them and then set up G to do a photo op.  He looks so cute though!

 So my grandmother asked me if it would be alright to get a African American Santa for Gizatu.  I said rock on!  Now he sits proudly atop our tree!
Love Christmas!


Sharon said...

I giggle when friends ask if they can buy dark skin toned dolls for Lily. :-P nice Santa!

Julie Tiemann said...

Melissa, he is SOO cute! And I love the Santa. :)