Monday, December 6, 2010

It's December!

How is it possible that it is already December?  It seems rather crazy to me.  This December is so different than last.  Last December I was waiting in anticipation for a son or daughter.  For this little person who would so change my life and now, he's here.  And he's amazing.  I adore him.  He makes me laugh everyday. 

We had our first Thanksgiving together.  He played and played with my family.  There were a total of 17 people in my parents house.  It was wonderful.  And he ate and ate.  This boy loves turkey.

He loves his cousin, Andrew.  He would follow him everywhere.

On Saturday, we went and visited his ET friends who live a little way away from my parents.  He was so excited.  He loves G and D.  It did take them a little while to warm up to each other, but once they did there was no stopping them.  They took a ride on the go cart.  Even though he looks not exactly excited.  He was PUMPED! He loves cars and anything that looks like one.

 D and G and Gizatu lived in the same village when they were in Ethiopia and their birth mothers knew each other so we (D & G's parents, as well as me) think it is very important to keep them connected to each other.

 They had a blast. 
 They have this hill where they ride riding toys down.  Gizatu wanted to do it so bad.  Mom on the other hand was a little apprehensive.  But he did and had a blast. Of course he ran into a rock and flipped but he was okay.
 On this past Thursday I took a little spill on the concrete outside Gizatu's daycare and ended up with multiple band-aids on my face.  Gizatu wanted to show me some sympathy (actually he just loves to put band-aids on.)
One final picture chilling on the floor watching his favorite, Mecinas (or C@rs).


Anonymous said...

Loving all these pictures! G looks so cute with his ET friends!

Sharon said...

Oh it makes me miss you guys! Hope we can all get together next summer. Lil acts excited whenever she sees pictures...I can only hope she may remember a little bit.