Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Evening with the Symphony!

Tonight one of our friends organized a night out with the symphony.  Okay so the symphony was already playing at a local park, but she told us all about it and about 9 families came out to play.  The park was full of families and kids.  It was a  good time.  They played Sound Of M@sic, Pir@tes of the C@ribean, and H@rry Potter.  They were beautiful.  The kids had a blast just running around.  They also had a time of arts and crafts prior to the concert. This is Gizatu giving the "what are you taking a picture of me for" look.

He made a fan, which was really nice for mommy because it was hot outside.

I have no idea what we were talking about... but it looks like why do I have to put my shoes back on, when in reality he continued running around minus the shoes for the rest of the night.

And we ended the night on the playground, well the men ended their night on the playground, I was still listening to the symphony play beautiful music.

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Sharon said...

I keep trying to find when we can do a concert in the park around here, but we miss them all!

My #2 has those same spiderman shoes. he has wore them into the ground.