Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm going to try to do better!

So its been over 2 months since I've blogged.  I'm one of those bloggers.  The ones that are on your feed and you look each day, then each week, then every couple of weeks, then you stop looking to see if there is any new blogs because there never is.  So I'm going to try better.  I'm going to try and do at least one blog a week.  I'm not promising, but I'm going to try. 

Gizatu is slightly obssessed with having a dad.  But along with the dad, comes a van, and a baby.  He wants a dad, a van, and a baby, a sister to be exact.  At random times he'll tell me that I need to get married.  One day he told me that I was getting married.  Does this kid know something that I don't?  Don't get me wrong, a husband would be lovely.  A man who loves me and my kid, and whom I love and my kid loves.  Someone to come home to at night.  Someone to help with the kid.  But as of now its just me and him. 

He asked me the other day, if he'd have to go to Africa if something happened to me.  I think he knows that he is mine and that he will be with me forever, but he knows that he came to me because his Africa mommy couldn't take care of him, so if I can't take care of him does that mean he goes back to Africa.  Things that a 3 year old shouldn't have to even consider, but its one of the losses of adoption.  I of course assured him that he would go to live with his Uncle Daniel.  And he told me that he didn't want to live with them, but wanted to live with me.  There was a time when he'd been home for just a while that I wouldn't have been sure that he would have said that.  It does make me feel like he truly knows that I am his mother. 

Now on a happier note, Gizatu and I joined some friends at our local zoo's halloween time.  Our boys got dressed up and off we went. 

They danced the night away.  And I got in on the action too.

We trick or treated and rode the train and carousel.

Over all I'd say it was a grand night.


Shannon- said...

That is so awesum! No way could my guy have handled it at 3. Ya- the daddy thing is a school thing. Yesterday my guy said his "papa" (my dad) was his dad too because... and made up a story. Probably something at school told him. I'm hopeful it either passes or he's prophesying. Not sure which I'm routing for....

Julie Tiemann said...

That Gizatu just gets cuter and cuter!

(And thanks to Google reader, I can keep up with even "those bloggers" like you. :) )