Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Step by Step

So its been quite a while since my last post. Its amazing how fast time can go by. So in regards to the adoption process, I'm about to send in the final paperwork for the loan so that I can finance this adoption. Its a little daunting to say the least, but as a friend said, "the best investment I'll ever make". So here it goes. I also have to complete 3 online courses for my home study which I finally completed over Christmas and yesterday. So I keep feeling like I'm moving down the road getting step by step closer to my heart. Now I need to finish my life story (pretty much this means write down everything that has affected who you are in your life, all 32 years worth). Its a lot of writing and I do this for a living. I start writing and then think, do they really want to know all this stuff. But then I think yes, yes they do, so I keep writing. Needless to say it isn't something I've been able to sit down and just do in a matter of hours. Its taking more time than I'd like. I also am waiting on getting my medical down, so that will be mid January. Like I said I feel like its all coming together. Although I must say that I keep thinking this is going to easy, although I've just started my compiling the dossier information which is on top of the home study which goes to Ethiopia for approval. And I hear from other friends who've adopted that the dossier is usually the place where you get tripped up. So I shall see. Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year!

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Karen said...

hi friend. thanks for blogging your adoption story. monday i'm going to the airport to welcome home two more kids from Ethiopia into our church family. so fun! miss you. :)