Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow, its 2010. How is that possible? I've been typing my lifestory. Its hard to put you lifestory down on paper. I know my adoptive parents do it every time I send them paperwork. Going through this process has brought me a greater appreciation of what all my foster/adoptive parents have gone through to get their children and become a family. That is what I'm most excited about, being a family. Loving this little one, getting frustrated when I'm tired (you might have to remind me I said this) and just being a mom. All the joys and trials that come with this. So as I continue down this road, I'll deal with getting the tb test and the hiv test. Going to have a physical and all the other things this entails. So Monday, I do go for my physical. This weekend I'm working on finishing the rest of my paperwork for the home study provider so that I can get that turned in next week. Then I'll wait approximately 2 weeks to meet with my social worker, during which time I will finish prepping my house for her arrival. Honestly not to worried about this part, I kind of have some inside knowledge . So we'll see. I'll let you know when the paperwork is all turned in.

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Julie Tiemann said...

Still following along, Melissa! Actually had a great conversation with my Samford BFFs the other day about adoption, and Sara N. told me about your hilarious encounter with her friend Will... "Helper child?" Ummm, no. ;)