Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Homestudy Paperwork: Check

So I've turned in all my paperwork for the homestudy.  My case has been assigned to the social worker.  She's to contact me within two weeks to schedule my home visits. Once those are done, she writes up the home study, gets it approved by my placement agency, then off to the state and immigration it goes.  Once thats done then comes the waiting for a referral.  So now to clean, clean, clean.  My sister, friend, mom and brother helped a couple of weeks ago to begin the process.  Threw out bags of trash, have a few boxes of stuff to give to the thrift store, and still there is more to do.  Honestly its good to have something to do, so I don't sit down and just think think think, or read every blog I can find on others who are or have adopted from ethiopia.  I can spend hours doing that.  So keeping busy is a good thing.  I have started working on the dossier paperwork, but will continue to do that through the next couple of weeks.  My plan is to turn in the dossier paperwork when the home study is completed, but we will see.  I'm also in the process of beginning a fundraiser... there will be more info on that to come. 

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Anonymous said...

Ben and I are so excited for you as you start this process! We are looking forward to your little one to be home!!