Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Home visit 2 done.  Home study rough draft written and already emailed to me to check.  Sweet. Only one small change.  Awesome.  Now to the supervisor then to the placement agency to check.  Then back to me.  I then have to get it state certified.  So hopefully by the end of the month I will have all my dossier paperwork turned in and onto the waiting list for a referral I will be placed.  Every day new things hit me.  I'm gonna be a mom.  I'm gonna loose lots of sleep.  (Honestly, not something i'm looking forward too, but who really ever is, right?) I'm gonna take him/her to the park.  My nephew and soon to be number 2 are going to have a cousin.  That excites me.  I think I'm beginning to ramble a bit so for now I shall go!

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Anonymous said...

Loss of sleep...I do miss my sleep! But I gladly trade it for being a mom and for having Ben! It can be done! So glad that Jaq was quick. She's great!