Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love my Granny!

So my granny calls me today to tell me a story.  She has breakfast with a group of ladies every week.  She was talking with them about my adoption and G-man.  She realized that one of her friends didn't know about it, so started to explain it to her.  Her "friend" said,  "NO NO NO.  Those people are taking over, one of them is even pastor of my church. He's going to living behind me, I just know it.  You're granddaughter is going to have problems." Its sad that people still think this way.  But my granny looked her in the eye and said, "She will if people like you are around."  Tell her granny!  I'm so proud of her for standing up for her grandson.  Awesome.  Just thought I'd share.  


Courtney said...

Love it!!! What a blessing to the world, your granny is!

Anonymous said...

Love this!! Way to go, granny!!!

Spenge said...

Ha! Love it! And love your Granny, too! You're in a long line of strong women :-)