Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wish I had some news!

I keep waiting to do another post, thinking that I will have some form of update.  Travel news, or even just able to tell you that he's gained weight or something.  But no new info.  So I keep on waiting.  But on another note, I have great friends.  They threw me an awesome baby shower!  We got so much stuff.  Gman, we've got everything that we need.  Now all I need is you!  Hope to have great news soon!


Sue Samuels said...

Melissa--I know it's hard to wait...but at least you have great friends and family to help you pass the time and help you get prepared to bring your little man home! I bet that good news is just around the corner for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying that news comes soon! So glad that you and Gman are all set thanks to your friends!!!