Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm an aunt again!

Today at 4:09pm my niece, Victoria Noelle was born.  She weighed 7lbs, 7oz; 21 inches long and is absolutely beautiful.  I spent the day with my nephew while his mom was in labor.  It was so fun.  We went to the zoo (in 95 degree weather) and I dressed in jeans and shirt.  Not my smartest idea, but I did think originally that we'd be indoors in a science center.  Andrew decided otherwise.  But honestly it wasn't so bad.  We bought Victoria a present, a snake sucker, who do you think that was really for?  But Andrew was amazing with her, so sweet.  He kept calling her, his baby.  Can't wait for all to meet her! She's adorable.

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Sue Samuels said...

Hey, Auntie Melissa!! Congrats!! I hope all is well with you.....just thinking about you!