Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So I guess it's time to announce that I have tentative dates for travel.  We will be leaving on Wed, Aug 18 and arriving in Addis on Thursday, Aug 19.  We will board a plane on Thursday, Aug 26 and will land in the States on Friday, Aug 27.  The reason that it is tentative is due to the fact that the US Embassy requires visa submissions to be done no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the visa date.  This would be August 10.  So we won't know for sure that we've been submitted for a visa appointment until August 10.   Confirmation will then come from the Embassy 3-5 days later, which could be Monday or Tuesday before we leave on Wednesday. CRAZY!  So that all to be said, I'm going to go ahead and plan to leave on the 18th.  That is 2 weeks from tomorrow.  TWO WEEKS!!!!!  Lots to do in that time.  But I can't wait to have Gman in my arms.


Anonymous said...

Melissa!!!!! I am SO excited for you! I know you can't wait to go get your little man and FINALLY bring him home. We can't wait to see the two on you united as a family!!!

Sue Samuels said...

This is great news!!!!! I am so happy for you....if there is any little thing I can help you do in preparation for your travel or while you are gone, please let me know!!! I can't wait to hear about your adventure to bring home your SON!