Saturday, April 2, 2011

The first time I saw your face.

One year ago today was the first time I saw his face.  This boy who has so changed my life.  Its amazing to think about how it all came about.  This is the first picture I saw of him.  It was so small and hard to see.  Of course the tears in my eyes didn't help any either.  You can read all about that day here.

I then received this picture about 3 weeks later...
(I can't figure out how to get the picture to flip on blogger.)    

I was so excited to get this picture.  I could actually make out his face and his features. 

He's an amazing little boy.  He's brought so much to my life.  Its changed in ways I could never imagined.  Love you little man.


Anonymous said...

Happy 1 year referral anniversary, friend!

Bethany and Isaac said...

He doesn't even look like the same kid! But congrats! Love you guys!

Sue Samuels said...

So amazing!!! So much has changed in 1 year!