Monday, September 13, 2010

International Adoption Clinic

Today was a good day.  I had been dreading the 3 hour appointment.  But Gizatu was a champ.  He sat through the talking and prodding with no problem.  He had 4 vials of blood drawn and at one point smiled while he watched.  He had at least 15 malaria smears and watched as the blood dripped onto the glass plates.  No crying, no screaming.  I was amazed.  And according to the therapist, attachment is looking good.  He looks at my eyes and touches me.  He wants to be with me and doesn't run to the first stranger he sees.  She says his birth mother gave me a great gift.  She truly loved and nurtured him. And I am thankful beyond words for that. 

So I know that you guys are wanting more pictures, and I promise I'm working on this.  I can't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer.  I will probably just go buy a new one, lets be honest it'll be easier and much faster.  But as soon as I do, there will be more pictures to come.  But hopefully this one from my friend, Daphne will tide you over for a minute or two.  The boy thinks his mommy is a jungle gym!


Bethany and Isaac said...

So glad to hear from you, Melissa! And what a great report! I'm so glad to hear all this! Elijah was ticked at us when we got his vaccinations done so I'm sure he will be ticked at us when we finally get his blood drawn. (We've been waiting for insurance to officially add him.)

Tell your parents hi for us!

Bethany, Isaac, & Elijah Dawit

Sharon said...

We were there for what seemed like FOREVER. We had to do 6 vials...out of that tiny body of hers. She looked at me like "mom WHAT are you doing to me?" and I cried and had to step outside for a second. I did not enjoy it and I'm glad it's over!!

Katie said...

Hi Melissa,
I know you must be in a firestorm, but I just wanted to reach out to you. I found you via Daphne's blog. I'm a single mom with an adopted son from Ethiopia too. We're over in Auburn. Caleb came home in late January and boy has it been a whirlwind! I wish you the best and for sure let us know if you're ever this way, we'd love to meet you guys.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I was thinking about the two of you today! That is such great news that he did so well with the blood draw. Ben screamed like a woman! Hugs to you both!