Monday, September 6, 2010

We're Home!

So Gizatu and I have been home for over a week.  We got home on last Friday afternoon and have been hanging out at home and at my brother's since then.  My mom ( whom I will be forever grateful for) has been with us and helping out as well.  My mother and father went with me to Ethiopia and I can't imagine not having had them with me.  We spent the Labor day weekend with my parents at their home and he has done remarkably well.

Let me say he's an amazing little boy.  Beautiful with the best smile ever.  He laughs and sings, dances and enjoys life.  He's learned the word sunglasses ( I believe his first real English word) and he loves them.  His peepaw bought him a pair, and if we put on our sunglasses he wants his.

But to be honest, this has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  It's adjusting.  He throws tantrums and he's always there.  I knew that these things would be true, but after living the first 32 years of my life with solely myself (and dog and 2 cats) to be responsible for its been a big change.  I also thought that for that first month or so,  it would be me and him with no friends visiting to help us bond and attach.  Well lets just say that was silly.  I would be going stir crazy without my friends visiting.  Momma needs to be happy and in order for that to happy I need my friends.


Courtney said...

Oh Melissa!
He is beautiful! I am so thrilled for you & continue praying for you both during this time of adjustment. What an incredible gift from God! I know you are already a wonderful mother to a very blessed little boy

Julie Tiemann said...

I'm so glad to see these pics (and the one on FB is priceless!) and hear that all is going well. I know all too well about tantrums with my two-year-old. I can hardly wait until next year when I have a three-year-old and a two-year-old. Fun times, right?! :) Gizatu is adorable and you look so happy. I'm so happy for you!

Sharon said...

I was thinking today how our "coming home" plans were much like "birth plans" people make...and how mine didn't go anywhere near like what I had planned (My granny came up and took her away as soon as we even walked through the door at the airport) and I just had to go with the flow.

And FYI, you looked like you knew exactly what you were doing while we were all in Et. You'll do great. :) :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to see a blog post here with your little man! He is such a cutie! Ben and I can't wait for our playdate!

Bethany and Isaac said...

I somehow missed that you had a blog, but I'm here reading now, so keep us updated!

Glad to hear you are both adjusting. We still are too. I know exactly what you mean about the tantrums and always being there! OK, so, I have a husband so it hasn't been just me and my pets, but even still it's crazy how much things have changed. I find myself getting irritated so easy and I hate it because that's not me! I just miss how things were before, which is not to say I don't like how things are now! But it's tough! And I knew it would be like this but it's still rough.

How has G adapted to your pets? We are FINALLY seeing real progress with Elijah and our dog. Today he even walked around in the room with her without screaming. I'm crossing my fingers that by the end of the week he'll actually be willing to touch her. In a month maybe he'll use her as a pillow! I HOPE!

Thinking of you often,

Sue Samuels said...

SO, SO HAPPY for you and Gizatu!!! Can't wait to meet him and play!! Love the pics!!! And he and Ben playing together!! TOO CUTE!

Spenge said...

I hate that I'm missing it! Why do I live so stinkin far away?!

alisa said...

Congrats! Your son is precious!! We have a son from Ethiopia, too...Micah! He's 2 -- came home 3/2009! We are in the B'ham area, and know Daphne & Ben! Would love to meet y'all sometime!! Ask Daphne about Sat, Sept. 25 if she hasn't mentioned it already!