Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Month Home!

We've been home for one month this past Friday.  Its amazing.  Sometimes it feels like a day, other times it feels like forever.  I thought I'd give a listing today... So here we go...

Things Gizatu loves:
Uncle Daniel
Dabo (bread)
Owa (water)

Things Gizatu likes:
Mommy's drink
Dog park
Giving kisses

Books we read:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
     He will say Brown Bear, brown bear what do you see? I say I see a red bird looking at me.  He says
     Red bird, red bird what do you see, I say I see a yellow duck looking at me.  And so goes the rest of
     the book.
A Mommy for Choco
     Apple pie and piggy are his favorite. And we always give a big kiss and tight hug!
Goodnight Moon
     He always has to say Goodnight socks!

English words:
Obviously all the animals from Brown Bear
Thank you

He is doing really well.  He usually sleeps 9 to 10 hours at night.  Now the going to sleep part can sometimes take hours and then he surprises me and goes to sleep in 20 minutes.  You just never know.

And here are a few random pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Making faces in the back door!

Sleeping with peepaw!

More faces!


Cora said...

WOW, What a precious little boy! Thanks for you comment, I can't wait to catch up on what you have been doing.
PS the next episode will be out tonight, because tomorrow is a very special day requiring it's own post :)

Julie Tiemann said...

Fun stuff! Amelia LOVES Brown Bear too. She memorized it after a couple of times and now she "reads" it to me - melts my heart. Kids rock! Gizatu is precious!

Sue Samuels said...


How great! He's learning so fast and looking so beautiful!!! Go Gizatu!!!!

Sharon said...

I was first looking at this in my reader on my iphone...and i was like "man I don't even recognize him!" and then could finally zoom in and see he had his face smashed against the glass. lol. Man he is already getting SO much bigger!!