Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh what a day!

So for a side note on the blog.

Today I dropped my phone in the toilet.

YES I dropped my phone in the toilet, not Gizatu.

But I dropped it not into a toilet filled with only water, but one that was full with pee, because it hadn't been flushed!

I will admit it, a not nice word came out of my mouth.

Thankfully, G was in the living room watching TV, so I won't be hearing that word out of his mouth (at least not today).

So then I had to stick my hand into the toilet to pull out the phone.

This time I was saying not nice words in my head.

Still waiting to see if the phone will work after drying out ( I did stick it under the faucet and rinse off the pee water).

Thankfully I have a cheap spare phone to use until my phone dries out (hopefully that's not wishful thinking).

So there is my fun being a mommy moment.


Julie Tiemann said...

Oh, yuck. You poor thing. I've heard something about putting your cell phone in rice to dry it out. Try googling it...

Sharon said...

Jeremy dropped his iphone in the toilet several months ago. We put it in a container of rice overnight and it works almost perfect. ;)

Bethany and Isaac said...

LOL! I hope it still works! I had a friend who did that with a pee-filled toilet too. Hers worked OK afterward. My friend who dropped hers into the hot tub... not so much. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

HA! I dropped my phone in #2 and flushed it down before I realized what happened. The plumber had to come take me toilet out of the ground to recover it! It happens!

Alysa said...

I once dropped my entire purse in a toilet. It was immediately before taking a professional exam. It had gotten so wet that when she asked to see my drivers lisc I reached into my purse and tried to descreatly wipe off my wet drivers lisc on my pant leg before handing it over. She didn't ask and I didn't explain!